Sharing research and practical ideas is another great passion of mine. Over many years, I’ve developed and delivered presentations and workshops on a range of topics.

Being part of the Education team at The Ear Foundation - I access the latest research and information on good practice. Add my experience working with families and you’ve got a great combination for courses that are relevant and practical. One day workshops are delieverd along with pre - course tasks.  I'm a strong beliver in refelctive learning and applying new information to what you do. All topics can also be deliverd as short talks and seminars. 


  • Home Supporting; Leave your bag of toys in the car
  • Words are not enough; the development of pragmatics and its link to theory of mind for children with hearing loss
  • Wait the baby is thinking; the science behind the art of pausing in AVT
  • AVT; principles into practice
  • It’s child’s play
  • Sounds to words; the brilliance of babies
  • Let me tell you; story and narrative development for pre-school children
  • Developing listening when they can’t stay still; supporting pre-school children with balance dysfunction
  • Functional listening - Ling sounds and more 
  • Working with families of young children; Coach and Collaborate!

Just wanted to say since attending the course last week (leave the bag of toys in the car), I have done 2 sessions with 2 different families without using any toys and they have been really brilliant Thank you so much for your great ideas! It has revolutionised my therapy

Emma Lawlor, Specialist SLT Central London Community Health