E- Therapy

Our E-Therapy Program is the perfect solution for families who want their child to listen and communicate, but live too far away to attend on a regular basis.

Through distance technology we offer virtually the same service that has proven to be successful in our centre based sessions.

Initial session (two hours £150)

Whatever the age of your child, we'll gather all the information we can from you and by letter from other professionals. We'll spend time talking to you as we want to find out how things are going.  And what you hope for the future. By end of the session we will make a plan for how to get there.  

For e-therapy to be successful, we need to find out how you like to be coached. What level of detail will be helpful and how will we set up the sessions. If there is time, we’ll practice and you can give us feedback on what works for you.

We think face to face is important - so if it’s possible our first session is held in Nottingham.

Follow up sessions (one hour, £100)

Most families have monthly sessions. In between we email, chat about how things are going and make a plan for our next session. You may want goals to work towards for your child or yourself.

At 6 monthly intervals we’ll have a review of how things are going and make a plan for the future. 

The first time I skyped with her, when she met Nolan, it was incredibly encouraging. I went away feeling motivated and full of new ideas. After watching him for a little while, she pointed out that he is turning to sound! We had just been testing it so often in his old therapy, and there was no reward when he would turn to us calling him or making a noise, that he was bored and was training himself to tune us out. She reminded me that we should never test him... all communication should have a purpose to it. 

Nikki - foster mum in India to 12 children http://onetinystarfish.blogspot.co.uk/