Over 5's

Is your child aged 5 to 8?

Do they have language but are struggling as the demands in school increase? Or perhaps you watch sadly, as it’s difficult for them to express their thoughts and ideas to other people.

We support children with a wide range of communication needs in this age group. And with sessions on Saturdays and during school holidays – we keep missed school time to a minimum.

Initial appointment (one and a half hours, £150)

Having provided audiological and school reports ahead of time – we will talk and find out what’s important to you and your child. We’ll do some practical activities, play a game or make something. In this relaxed way we can start to identify your child’s strengths and give you knowledge, skills and confidence to help them move forward.

Follow up sessions (one hour, £100)

Most families attend once a month. Ideas for communication development can be integrated into daily life and don’t require ‘extra time’. Let’s make a marble run or bake a cake. We’ll practise techniques and strategies and focus on developing language through conversations. 

Many families choose to have a standardised language assessment every six months and a set of short term goals. This is covered in a standard session fee but if you need a report - there is an additional charge.

Working together is key – if it’s ok with you, we share information and knowledge with anyone who can help you. You’re welcome to bring siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles. You can have a DVD of the session to share or invite local professionals to come with you.

about a year after his second implant we started to become concerned that Harry was not making the expected progress with his cochlear implants and things got more difficult when he started school. His speech was very delayed and we were told he presented with a speech and language disorder.  We have been working with Lyndsey and AV therapy for 4 years now. Harry is making amazing progress with his speaking and understanding. He is a happy child who appreciates humour, has lots of friends and is doing really well in school. 

Sarah Bawden, Mum to Harry who listens with two cochlear implants.