For families

Hearing aids and cochlear implants provide access to sound. Families provide access to love, listening and language. 

Our rules for therapy:

  • Make it fun
  • Make it practical
  • Let parents leave, confident in the knowledge they
    have what it takes to help their child move forward

Therapy is family centred. We'll be together about an hour - this can be face to face or over skype if you live a far away. We might play games, look at books, bake cakes or even dig up the garden. Language learning is in everything that you do. We'll practise techniques and strategies to support listening and language development. You'll know what to expect from you child and when - along with all the fun ways you can support thinking skills and language development at home. 

My child has a hearing loss and other challenges to learning, is it still for us? We support children with a wide range of challenges, physical, visual and learning. We will explore together if this is right your child, and if not – find other support available.  



Auditory Verbal therapy has been a life line for our daughter. Her initial visit confirmed that this was the exact therapy we as parents had been searching for and she made new sounds/ words during the very first session Auditory verbal therapy has allowed us as parents to acquire confidence and follow the techniques which are shared with us in the sessions.

The goals, set each month can be incorporated into daily home life and have been fundamental in the success our Niamh has made and continues to do so

Tercia Haley