About Us

Back in 1995, I volunteered with a youth club for Deaf teenagers who used sign language to communicate. At 19, I was only a few years older than many I was with. I felt sad watching these young people - bright and funny - but really frustrated trying to communicate with people who didn't sign.

I knew then, that I wanted to help people with hearing loss communicate better. To become a speech and language therapist and to specialise with children.

I’ve had some great teachers along the way – including Elizabeth Tyskiewicz, Jacqueline Stokes, Carol Flexer, Warren Estabrooks and Judy Simser. But families have been the greatest teachers of all. They’ve taught me that hearing aids and cochlear implants provide access to sound, but its families that give access to love, listening and language.

I graduated in 1998, and certified as a auditory verbal therapist in 2008. And I’ve supported children from pre-school through primary and across all types of educational provision.

Life is now wonderful. I support families and mentor other professionals for the Auditory Verbal Lounge. And I coordinate the education programme with The Ear Foundation where I design and deliver workshops

I am inspired every day as I watch parents and professionals grow in confidence and skills. And I know that I am helping children with hearing loss reach their wonderful potential.

Lyndsey Allen is a thoughtful, caring professional: a combination hard to find.

David Luterman, D.Ed.,Professor Emeritus, Emerson College